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“The internet's first culture coin“

$MOG is the internet’s first culture coin.
The idea for Mog began as a fun meme among friends, and in the Summer of 2023 the token was launched as a fair launch memecoin via a Uniswap V2 LP. Although it started as a joke among friends, when the project went live it became immediately clear that something truly special had been created. Mog immediately set itself apart from other projects through its open-ended memetic branding and unique content. The cultural underpinning of Mog, effortless cosmic domination, is an idea and mentality that anyone can adopt, and can be applied to any situation in life. It is simply about being the best version of yourself in anything that you do – being confident in yourself, your community, and your own success.

In it for the tech?

Meme Etymology

Derived from AMOG (“alpha male of group”).

The word first appeared on fitness forums and imageboards around 2016 and was popularized around 2021.


mog (third-person singular simple present: mogs, present participle: mogging, simple past and past participle: mogged)
  1. (transitive, stative, Internet slang) To be significantly more attractive than (someone or something); to dominate in appearance.
  2. (transitive, Internet slang, by extension) To be superior to in general.

What’s with the joycat?

The Joycat is something that the community felt perfectly captured the idea and mentality of Mog. It does not cope, seethe, or worry about what others think of it. It is simply having fun and dismissing any negativity.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: $MOG is a crypto coin with no intrinsic value or expectation of financial return. Just because some people are getting ridiculously rich buying crypto doesn’t mean you definitely will. MOG is to be used strictly for getting laid and for entertainment purposes only.
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